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We, YA-SA HOLDING Inc. (“YA-SA”), in our capacity as data controller, will collect, record, store, retain, transfer your personal data at home/abroad and process such data in lawful manner, in line with the below-mentioned purposes, within the framework of the objective that requires the processing be made using the most up-to-date and accurate data and being connected, limited and restrained with the aforesaid objective. Please find detailed information in tab ‘Protection of Personal Rights’ on our website at


What is Personal Data?

Pursuant to the LPPD, personal data means all kinds of information regarding an identified or identifiable real person. Within this context, we process your identity data and contact data for the purposes stated below, in accordance with the principles set forth in article 4, LPPD and with the provisions stipulated in article 5;

  • Potential employee – managing future trainee selection and placement processes,
  • Potential employee – collecting reference information for future trainee,
  • Potential employees – conducting application processes of future trainees

We process your personal data such as name, surname, information on the organisation you work, e-mail address and phone number and similar given on the printed/e-resume you send to the Company as part of job application with the intention to conclude labour agreement as needed for the legitimate interest of YA-SA and utilise such information to communicate with you in written or verbally, again for the legitimate interests of YA-SA.

We would like to emphasise that if you are not aware that you have been notified to YA-SA as a reference person or if you are informed thereabout only during the execution of the human resources processes of YA-SA, please notify accordingly the person(s) who will contact you. Otherwise, our company will not assume any liability in this respect.

What is the Method of and Legal Reason for the Collection of Your Personal Data?

Your personal data will be collected by physical and electronic methods, including resumes delivered via printed application form, e-mail, cargo, and interview sessions and similar. The data thus collected may automatically processed and shared, based on legal reasons as required by the legitimate interest of the data supervisor, provided that such processing and sharing will not harm conclusion or implementation of a contract, fulfilment of a legal obligation, data anonymisation by the concerned and establishment, exercising and protection of a right and the fundamental rights and liberties of the person concerned, and upon completion of the application process, data will be stored in physical or electronic media, for 1 year to ask your opinion regarding new job opportunities and possible job offers, or for 10 years after termination of the legal relationship in case the job application is granted.

To whom and for what purposes can your personal data be transferred?

Your personal data obtained may be transferred, domestically and/or internationally, to real persons or private law legal persons, business associates, shareholders and authorised public organisations and institutions for the purpose of planning human resources processes, execution of applicant placement processes, obtaining your opinion on the applicant, conducting strategic planning activities and providing information to authorised persons, organisation and institutions, within the framework of personal data processing terms and purposes specified under Article 8, LPPD and in compliance with the basic principles stipulated in Article 4 of LPPD.,

Your rights vested under Article 11 of LPPD

Herewith we would like to note that you have following rights as per 11, LPPD:

  • To be informed about whether personal data is processed or not,
  • To request information if personal data is processed,
  • To be informed about the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used suitable for the respective purpose or not,
  • To have knowledge about third parties receiving personal data domestically or internationally,
  • To request, in case personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately, necessary corrections be made,
  • To request deletion or destruction of personal data under provisions of Article 7,
  • To request to notify third parties to whom personal data are transferred about the operations made as per paragraph (d) and (e),
  • To appeal to the negative results against him/her arising from analysis of the data processed exclusively through automatic systems,
  • In case the personal data are damaged due to the processing thereof in contrary to the Law, to request that the damages are indemnified


Please submit us your applications as regards to your rights listed above by filling out the Data Supervisor Application Form announced in our website at

Your application will be concluded, free of charge, at the soonest possible date and within thirty days at the latest.

If the transaction, subject of your application, would yield an additional cost, then you may be charged according to the rates to be fixed by the Personal Data Protection Board.