Real Estate

Established in 1998 with the objective to construct modern, safe and quality buildings which are at world standards and which respect historical cultural texture and environment, Yasa Real Estate continues to develop projects compliant with this target for 14 years.

Constructing high quality buildings by using state of the art technology in engineering and management sciences, Yasa İnşaat carries out its operations under the leadership of its founder Yalçın Sabancı. The holding completed certain projects including Yasa Çamlıca Villas and K. Çamlıca Yasa Holding Business Headquarters Building.



  • Maintaining the highest quality with increasing our knowledge and experience,
  • To produce solutions on the sectorel standarts and suitable for international rules,
  • Taking responsibility on the common problems; operational, technical, enviromental and shoulder the responsibility of probable risks,
  • To desire sharing a collective and richer future with our employees,
  • By controlling itself, perpetualluy developing organisation and technological infrastructure,
  • An active and efficient enviromental management system,
  • Constantly active and countinous development system within organization.


  • To give the best service to our customers,
  • To develop and expand our service based on the needs of our customers,
  • Expanding with qualified partners and stakeholders according to our values,
  • To provide perfect service, by combining our experiences with the developing technology possibilities,
  • To increase accountability within our organization which is based on trust, teamwork and risk-taking,
  • To focus on changing customer requirements and satisfaction,
  • To protect the enviroment with safety operations and adopting the enviromental requirments all the time,
  • To increase individual responsibilities of employees,
  • Access to highest quality standarts in all business areas of activity,
  • To ensure our support and loyalty to the employees and stakeholders,
  • To be provided with the necessary resources for growth requirements in future,
  • To be responsible to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit within the individuals.