About Yasa

About Yasa

YASA Holding is established in 1999 by its founder and Chairman Yalçın SABANCI. He is a shareholder in Sabanci Holding which is one of the largest conglomerates in Turkey and was runnig Textile Group of Sabanci for 39 years. After leaving his professional duties in Sabanci Group, he founded YASA Holding A.Ş. in 1999 to establish his own private investment and group of companies. Yasa Holding has been maintaining its presence in sectors such as Maritime, Construction, Tourism, Textile and Metallurgy since its establishment in 1999.

As YASA Holding, our commitment to develop sustainable customer satisfaction and respect the environment is our top priority. Furthermore, our commitment to employees all over the world is a key indicator of our corporate principle and management strength. Our group with its dynamic structure, has been continuing its investments without slowing down since the day it was founded and assumes a leading role in the fields in which it operates and also contributes to the growth of its stakeholders.

Our aim and achievement for our business is, sustainable, reliable and environment-oriented approach in order to continuously improve our services for customer needs and work relentlessly to achieve those goals..

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  • Maintaining the highest quality with increasing our knowledge and experience,
  • To produce solutions on the sectorel standarts and suitable for international rules,
  • Taking responsibility on the common problems; operational, technical, enviromental and shoulder the responsibility of probable risks,
  • To desire sharing a collective and richer future with our employees,
  • By controlling itself, perpetualluy developing organisation and technological infrastructure,
  • An active and efficient enviromental management system,
  • Constantly active and countinous development system within organization.
  • To give the best service to our customers,
  • To develop and expand our service based on the needs of our customers,
  • Expanding with qualified partners and stakeholders according to our values,
  • To provide perfect service, by combining our experiences with the developing technology possibilities,,
  • To increase accountability within our organization which is based on trust, teamwork and risk-taking,
  • To focus on changing customer requirements and satisfaction,
  • To protect the enviroment with safety operations and adopting the enviromental requirments all the time,
  • To increase individual responsibilities of employees,
  • Access to highest quality standarts in all business areas of activity,
  • To ensure our support and loyalty to the employees and stakeholders,
  • To be provided with the necessary resources for growth requirements in future,
  • To be responsible to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit within the individuals.